The path I've taken, mostly barefooted, that's led me to my interdisciplinary studies is full of stories and missteps. These artifacts are for lessons no formal education could have taught.


The Key to Exploration

 Diverse cultural exposure. Self-confidence from living alone and navigating through the unfamiliar. An entrepreneurial mindset of risk management and self-marketing. Got jobs in fields I had no experience in. Explored from San Fransisco to San Onofre. Gained communication skills.



1st Hand

An anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction in 2016 catalyzed my interest in the Biomedical field. More specifically, I was inspired by the expertise of my orthopedic surgeon and infuriated with the prescribed opioid endemic.


Environmental Science & Service Learning

In small villages and deep jungles near Iquitos, I had the privileged to compare and contrast the natural habitats, environmental viewpoints, and standards of living in a developing country. Experienced the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest, ascended a canopy walkway to explore each inch of rainforest trees, vegetation, and wildlife. My classmates and I learned ethnobotany from the local shaman and primitive western medicine in the Dr. Linea Smith medical clinic. A service learning project gave back tenfold in gratitude when we taught the local children about rain forest ecology at their school. I experienced the wonder of Machu Picchu and trecked through the high alpine of the Andes Mountains while exploring ancient archaeology and architecture.

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Coalition for the Homeless: Spring Fling

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